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Our clients trust us to deliver and innovate services in document and information management for them. Sometimes clients need us to deliver services within their building (on-site) or in our dedicated off-site facilities, or both. We can do it. Our trusted team will give you the peace of mind that your confidential documents are managed by the experts. So if you need digital information management, traditional or innovative document management solutions or perhaps some advice on how best to manage your records & archiving, get in touch and let’s explore how we can help.

Service overview for signature

Your front of house team is the face of your business; they create the atmosphere you want for your environments and welcome your guests with the power to deliver an amazing customer experience.

That’s why they need to be an authentic representation of you and your business.

Authenticity is at the heart of our service; in how we approach every guest, every client, and how we celebrate the individuality and character of our team.

Be authentic

Culture and values that promote intuitive and genuine individuals. 

Clear expectations - Know that “that is a Signature person”. 

Disrupt the industry and challenge the norm

Different standard of person -Authentic vs robotic

Challenge ourselves - Meaningful KPIs/ transparent service delivery

Challenge our client - Innovation and technology

To win the most desirable contracts in the market

Clear USPs/ differentiators – Why buy from us?

Strong sense of identity in the market.


Procius is the leading background screening and criminality checking company in the UK with proven experience across all sectors. We work in partnership with our clients to provide them with the employment screening they need to protect their business from fraud, theft, brand damage, loss of productivity, and many other damaging factors.

Our customers trust us to manage thousands of their new recruits’ background checks each year.


UK CRBs service is quick and easy, with no registration or membership fees.

We are a leading provider of criminality checks with over 20,000 registered clients/organisations, and what’s more our team has been screening for over 25 years. UKCRBs is a specialist team within Mitie’s employee screening and vetting service. Our team is friendly and professional, and will help you every step of the way.

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