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The role of learning at Mitie

At Mitie, we want you to be fulfilled, successful and proud of what you can achieve.

Research shows that both individuals and organisations benefit from a learning culture in the workplace. Encouraging engagement and opening up opportunities can help you progress your career within Mitie and key to that, is ensuring you receive the learning you need to do your job effectively.

Improving skills can enhance performance in your current role as well as build confidence and improve your wellbeing. New learning can also lead to a greater level of job satisfaction, a wider range of job choices, promotion and an enhanced understanding of your own career journey. You can also have the satisfaction of sharing what you’ve learned with your wider team.

Licence to Operate

Along with our new Mitie Corporate Induction Curriculum providing important information about our Mitie business, your tailored ‘Licence to Operate’ will ensure you continue to develop and receive the learning you need for your role to help you deliver the ‘exceptional everyday’.

Licence to Lead

Our exciting new development programme for all people managers in our business. This will equip you to lead and manage your team the ‘Mitie’ way.


A great way to invest in your development, providing practical learning and support, whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification. For more information on what is available to you, please visit Learning Hub and simply search for apprenticeships.

Academy Frameworks

Our focus on developing people means we are building academy frameworks to help our people be the best at what they do.

Talent Development

Developing talent at Mitie is key, ensuring we bring out your potential. Personal development plans as part of your MiReview help to shape your career path and we have also developed a toolkit to support managers with development conversations.