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Welcome to the Mitie family

You are joining the thousands of other Mitie employees who have come to the business via the TUPE transfer of their employment. Mitie win new contracts every month and so we have become real experts at welcoming new employees to our company under the TUPE regulations. 

It's a really exciting time at Mitie and we are delighted to have been awarded the contract you work on, and for you to join the Mitie family. We appreciate that you may not have been through this process before, so we pride ourselves for going the extra mile for our TUPE transferring employees to ensure that they feel valued, informed and heard during this time. We can assure you that we are very well versed in TUPE Legislation  and the practical application of TUPE, so you are in good hands.>

Mite have dedicated mobilisation teams throughout our business, who along with specialist HR Change Partners, will work with the management team to bring you on board and make sure you are fully aware of the TUPE process and what will happen when you transfer across to Mitie.

We thought you may have some questions as you start out on the consultation process, so have detailed below some Frequently Asked Questions around TUPE. All of these will be discussed with you during the consultation meetings that will be scheduled during the transition period.    


About TUPE

TUPE refers to the “Transfer Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006”. 

Why do we have TUPE?

TUPE legislation was developed to protect employees like you, who have been affected by a transfer of a contract or business to another employer. It means that, unless Mitie needs to make any changes to the way the contract is run which will affect you, you will transfer across to us on your current contractual terms and conditions. Any proposed changes are known as intended ‘measures’. If we identify any measures we need to take, these will be discussed with you prior to your transfer.  

Mitie is firmly committed to complying with TUPE and any associated legislation, such as maintaining the confidentiality of information about you under data protection laws.  

You can find lots more information about Mitie on this portal, or for more information about TUPE visit or 

So how will all this affect me?

In terms of your day-to-day job, it’s likely that very little will change. In certain cases, we may bring in new equipment or ways of working that will improve the way you do your job, and if required we’ll realign your pay date and holiday year with ours; however, this won’t impact your yearly pay or your annual holiday entitlement. Subject to any intended measures we need to take, we will continue to honour your existing contractual terms and conditions of employment, although sometimes we may not be able to replicate exactly one or more of your terms, even with the same provider. If this is the case, we will discuss with you how we might provide a comparable alternative. By comparable we mean ‘as good as’ or ‘a match for’. 

What happens next?

We will usually arrange a series of presentations and meetings with members of our HR and management teams. This is what we call ‘the consultation process’. The purpose of the consultation process is to provide you with more information about Mitie, how the contract will be operated and what will happen to you, and to answer any questions you may have. If at any time you feel that information being provided to you is incorrect, you must inform your employee representative, recognised trade union representative or a Mitie HR representative as soon as possible so that we can address the issue. 

I am a member of a trade union; can my representative accompany me during the consultation process?

Yes, of course. Where your trade union is formally recognised then we will consult your representative anyway. However, even though your 1-2-1 meeting with us are not considered as a formal meeting and even if your trade union is not recognised, your representative would be very welcome to attend your consultation meetings with you. 

Will I need to complete any forms or provide additional information?

Yes. Although we will try to keep these to a minimum, there are some forms we need you to complete so that we have the details we need to employ and pay you. Essential pieces of information are your right to work in the UK documents. It is for this reason that during the consultation process we will request to see some of your ID documents. We will need to take copies of these to keep on file as evidence that we have checked your  right to work in the UK.

We are really grateful for your assistance with this process as without this evidence we will be legally unable to employ you. The below link advises what specific documentation you need to provide to Mitie prior to you transferring across  

We will also require your personal e-mail address for sharing your access link to People Hub which is where you will be able to review and control your personal data held by Mitie as well as accessing your ePayslips.  

Will my current package and benefits remain intact while I’m working with Mitie?

Generally, yes. Your existing contractual benefits will transfer with you to Mitie. If your current employer offers the same package of benefits as we do, then they will stay the same. Any variations will be discussed with you during the consultation process. 

In addition to the benefits you bring with you, you will also be able to take advantage of the Mideals our employee benefit scheme which offers discounts at over 875 retailers for the things you need, like everyday shopping; and the things you want, like one-off treats. Full details of Mideals as well as our employee recognition scheme, Mitie Stars are in the Reward and Recognition section of our this portal. 

When will I get paid?

Details of the pay cycle applicable to you will be confirmed during your consultation process as part of our intended measuresas these do vary. 

What happens to the length of service that I have built up with my current employer?

All your service entitlements will stay the same. Mitie will recognise your original start date and will use it whenever we need to calculate your overall length of service. It’s what we call your ‘continuous service date’. 

What happens to my pension?

Pensions are a very individual thing, so we will discuss your current pension arrangements with you during the consultation process. Automatic pension enrolment under current legislation, the company may be required to automatically enrol you into a pension scheme which meets certain statutory requirements and to which both you and the company make contributions. 

The automatic pension enrolment scheme that Mitie operates is called the People’s Pension, which is a retirement benefits scheme. If you are eligible to join the scheme, the company is entitled to deduct from your pay any pension contributions due from you in connection with your membership of this pension scheme and will pay these deductions to the scheme on your behalf in accordance with the rules of the scheme. You can opt out of the scheme if you wish via 

For more information on Mitie’s pension scheme look at the Reward and Recognition section within this welcome portal. Saving for retirement is important, so speak to your line manager to discuss what pension options might be available to you. 

Does Mitie have a probationary period?

Yes, we do. But if you have already completed your probationary period with your current employer then this doesn’t apply to you as we will take your continuous service date into consideration. If you are still in your probationary period with your current employer, then you will transfer on probation to Mitie and complete this with us. 

What happens to my previous performance record?

Under TUPE, copies of your performance record within the previous two years should be passed across to us by your current employer. However, your future performance assessment will be based on your performance with Mitie. 

What if I have a disciplinary or grievance matter on file?

Under TUPE, if you have any live disciplinary or grievance matters on file, or any that are not live, but which took place within the last two years, these will be transferred to us along with your other employee information. If there are any ongoing issues, Mitie will deal with them to their conclusion once you transfer to us. 

Working with Mitie will I get a new uniform?

If your role requires one, we will provide you with a new uniform which will be distributed to your primary place of work and should be worn from the day that your employment transfers to Mitie. Your uniform choices and sizes will be discussed with you during the consultation process, if appropriate. 

How will I get to learn more about Mitie?

As well as going through the consultation process, when you have transferred to Mitie you will receive an induction into Mitie’s policies, procedures and ways of working. 

In the meantime, have a look at our other welcome pages which will tell you all you need to know about who we are and what we do at 

Can I apply for other jobs within Mitie?

Of course! Jobs are advertised on our Mitie vacancies website ( You can access this even if you don’t have direct access to the Mitie IT network. All you need is an internet connection, which could be at home, a local library or through your nearest Mitie branch office. We encourage everyone at Mitie to apply for internal opportunities, so you can further your career and realise your potential. 

If, after you’ve joined us, you apply for a change of role within Mitie, it’s likely we will look to align your pay and benefits to those of other employees who hold similar roles in our business, for consistency and fairness, so there may be some changes to your package at this stage. This will be discussed with you in full at the time of your application. 

Does that include promotion?

Absolutely! You will always be able to discuss your own career aspirations as part of our appraisal process and we will encourage you to develop your skills and further your career through promotion.  

What happens if I don’t want to work for Mitie?

Firstly, we’d be really disappointed if you felt that you didn’t want to work for us. We’re one of the best outsourcing employers and would really like the opportunity to demonstrate this to you. So, before you make such a decision, please make full use of the consultation process to get to know us better. 

We’re also happy to put you in touch with other employees who’ve been in a similar situation and who really enjoy working for Mitie. So please let us know if you’d be interested in this. If your mind is made up, then we respect that. However, you need to be aware that if you decide not to transfer to Mitie, you’ll effectively be resigning from your position immediately before the transfer date. This means you won’t be entitled to a redundancy payment; notice pay or any other severance payment. You’ll need to put your decision in writing to your current employer, as well as providing us with a copy. 

What happens if Mitie loses the contract at some point in the future?

If our client decides to change its outsourcing partner, or takes the services back in-house, then the same conditions that apply now are likely to apply then, assuming there has not been a change to TUPE legislation in the meantime. However, it is our aim to maintain a strong and long-term relationship with our clients. You have a very important role to play in ensuring the level of service we provide daily secures that relationship for the future.